Property Management
We can arrange for repairs and or maintenance on appliances or other issues in or outside your home in addition to creating household manuals. We can assist in finding staff including; nannies, housekeepers, personal assistants and chefs taking care of all the necessary payroll management and payroll tax costs.

Lifestyle Management
We assist in every aspect of your personal lifestyle needs from travel to medical needs management. We can manage your email accounts and calendars, your accounting needs for personal expenses which includes bill paying, along with maintaining accounts with preferred vendors and utility providers. We can provide you with any personal shopping needs and gift giving.

Event Planning
We provide event-planning services from small intimate gatherings at your residence or other locations. In addition we also work with some of the best catering and event planning firms throughout California and personal private Chef employment agencies. In the case of a personalized event we can also provide high quality invitations by our professional designers and writers.

Security & Disaster Planning
We have teams to handle both your home and personal security including safe installations and assisting in assessing security needs for international travel. We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of high end residential and building security systems including gate and access controls, CCTV and fire alarms. We prepare personal disaster plans, earthquake kits and scan important documents for use in case of loss.

Insurance Assessment/Management
We work with one of the top rated insurance brokers whose clients include some of the most prominent high profile individuals in the Nation. With their assistance, we will assess your liability insurance, property, vehicle and risk management policies and personal umbrella policy’s needs. We work with your agents to process claims. We can provide personal property inventory and video diaries of assets.

Real Estate Sourcing & Relocation
We have relationships with some of the best-rated real estate agents/brokers specializing in both residential and commercial properties. We will locate and negotiate temporary and permanent housing as needed. In addition, we will furnish homes with all necessary household items and furnishings based on the client's preferences and budget including rental if necessary.

Information Technology (IT) (Computers & PDA’s)
We can arrange for all phases of your IT design, maintenance and management of network and network security services. This includes home firewall and customized Internet solutions that meet your specific needs. We personally are skilled with most all computer operating systems for both Macintosh and PC computers systems including software and PDA management.

General Administrative
This includes filing, typing correspondence, preparing spreadsheets, expense reports and presentations; transcribing meeting notes, calling vendors, scheduling meetings. We act as your gatekeeper managing calendars, schedule appointments and maintain email accounts.

Other Miscellaneous Services include:

  • Notary Services
  • New Business Filings
  • Executive Materials (business plans etc.)
  • Advertising, Marketing, Branding and Public Relations
  • Vehicle maintenance, including high performance, vintage and other vehicles.
  • Handle Naturalization and other immigration issues
  • FaceBook/MySpace/Twitter/LinkedIn, Blogs or other social network account management.
  • Other miscellaneous personal and executive services too numerous to mention. If it needs getting done, we will find a way.
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