“Marlene and Vanessa became an essential part of our family.  We purchased a new home after moving
across the country and trying to deal with vendors and contractors was taking all our time, and patience,
away from the care of our family.  I asked My Executive Personal Assistant to handle the transition so
we could focus on the children and they have performed that mission wonderfully!
Marlene and Vanessa are supremely professional, resourceful, dependable and available.  They have taken
all the routine household management tasks off my hands:  servicing our cars, paying bills, filing, organizing
all the household manuals and warranties and maintenance schedules, finding and meeting vendors, and
making phone calls and follow-up phone calls to solve issues. My Executive Personal Assistant has many
resources at their fingertips for addressing problems and they never appear fazed in the least!  We are very
grateful for all their help and heartily recommend them to anyone and everyone!”
Mark McLaughlin
President  & CEO Palo Alto Networks
Karen McLaughlin

“Marlene is a consummate professional and I relied upon her guidance, wisdom and instant-access all
throughout my time as co-founder of Participant Productions. Her ability to assess situations and react
with both speed and tact made a world of difference as we navigated the Hollywood landscape on our
way to building the company and I would recommend her with all confidence to anyone looking for a
trusted partner and associate.”
Chris Adams
Co-Founder, Participant Productions;
Founder, Orbit Media
Founding Parnter at @Me+Bond
General Manager, North America at
Founding Partner at Adams/Kearney

"I would like to enthusiastically recommend the work of Marlene McCaslin. I have known Marlene for
over ten years and she has always been loyal, hardworking, discreet and professional. She is a woman
of great integrity, and I have high confidence in her as a person. Marlene always demonstrated
tremendous professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to her work. If California government
were managed as efficiently and effectively as Marlene ran things at eBay, California would be in
much better financial shape than it is now. Marlene would be a tremendous asset to any individual or
Steve Westly
Managing Partner, The Westly Group
California State Controller (2003-2007)

“Marlene and Vanessa McCaslin epitomize the finest quality of executive personal assistance. Every
detail of my life is now attended to with such commitment, and support. I only wish that I had become
a client of My Executive Personal Assistant years ago! I can without reservation recommend Marlene
and her daughter Vanessa to anyone needing support both personally and professionally.”
Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey
Anthropologist & National Geographic Fellow Explorer
Founder, Mapping the Human Story

“Marlene and her team have demonstrated their worth in leaping tall buildings in a single
bound. They have exceeded my expectations delivering consistently beyond my imagination. The
professional/personal assistance required by those of us running businesses and households from
complex international travel assistance, through the myriad home maintenance demands we all face,
My Executive Personal Assistant has supported my interests at every level. They have fundamentally
improved the quality of my life by proactively attending to the time consuming demands that arise
in our daily work and personal lives. It is with enormous confidence that I recommend My Executive
Personal Assistant to anyone interested in the gift of greater organization development, experienced
decision making, thoughtful follow-up and overarching collaborative support.”
Elana Yonah Rosen
Senior Advisor, One Economy Corporation
Co-Founder, Rise Beyond

"I have known Marlene McCaslin for over ten years and have worked with her with a number of,
high profile clients. Marlene’s organizational and follow though skills were critical elements in helping
our brokerage, Cause Insurance, launch at the beginning of 2010. Her assistance was indispensable
with all aspects of our start up: incorporation documents, E&O Insurance, licensing, phone system,
office staffing, accounting and marketing. I would enthusiastically recommend My Executive Personal
Assistant/Marlene and her daughter Vanessa to anyone needing professional guidance in either their
business or private life."
David Costello
CEO, Cause Insurance Services LLC
San Francisco CA

“Marlene is measured, elegant and appropriate. My dealings with Marlene and My Executive Personal
Assistant have been and remain nothing short of the highest quality. I recommend her to anyone who
seeks intuitive and excellence in service.”
Julian Grimmond
Founder & Managing Director
Global Film Solutions

"I have known Marlene for approximately ten years when I was a founding executive at Participant
Productions, where I worked in a dual capacity in both Strategic Planning and Creative Affairs. Marlene
handled much of the preliminary work involved in establishing Participant Productions. Marlene
possesses a valuable combination of intelligence and an impassioned work ethic. I was frequently
impressed by her ability to accomplish extraordinary requests in a complete and timely manner. I can
without reservation, recommend Marlene to any organization or individual who would seek to employ
Richard Klagsbrun
Independent writer and consultant
Senior VP and co-founder at View2gether

"I have known Marlene for seven years when she hired my security firm to handle the security
needs of her high profile employer. During this time we also worked together on the personal
services and security needs of many other prominent/high profile individuals. I was always impressed
at Marlene's ability to see around corners in understanding the complicated individual personal
security needs and issues that are a part of her client's life. Marlene has complete competency in
understanding complex high end residential and building automation security systems. Her keen sense
of what is an unusual interest in her client and ability to communicate, coordinate and determine when
threat assessments are needed was impressive. Recommending Marlene for any tasks she is assigned
comes without any reservations."
William Mancini
Mancini International, Inc.

I would enthusiastically recommend My Executive Personal Assistant/Marlene and her daughter
Vanessa to anyone needing professional guidance in either their business or private life. I have come
to think of the McCaslins as family themselves. It’s obvious that this company is something more than
just executive assistance. Marlene and Vanessa share a close bond, and I think they both learned to
appreciate the value of family and friendship.
Jay Williams, PhD
Physiologist and Author

“I have known Marlene for seven years and have collaborated with her on many business and legal
transactions. I am impressed by the vast network and extensive relationships that Marlene has built
in many diverse fields nationally. In my forty years as a real estate developer, investor, financial
advisor and attorney, I have interacted with a great number of people in many different situations.
Marlene is at the pinnacle of my ranking of all persons with whom I have worked. Marlene also has an
excellent sense of risk management. She immediately highlights and mitigates any potential exposure
of her clients by consulting with attorneys, insurance companies, accountants and other appropriate
resources. I have the highest confidence that you will be pleased with her loyalty, confidentiality, team
spirit and ability to accomplish whatever task you require."
Anthony Smernes, Jr. Attorney at Law
Principal, Smernes Investment

"I had a very positive experience working with Marlene when I was the Vice President of Marketing
and New Business for eBay. Marlene brings strong organizational skills to all her tasks, takes
ownership of each project and sees each project through, no matter how complex, to a more than
highly satisfactory completion. Marlene proved to be an invaluable asset managing tight deadlines and
produce strong results in highly fluid situations. I strongly recommend Marlene and believe that she
will make and immediate impact and become a strong addition to any organization or individual."
James R Davis
Managing Director
Prosper Capital

"I have known Marlene McCaslin for more than eight years. During that time, I have become familiar
with many of her professional qualities and skill sets that are highly developed and effective. Marlene
was directly responsible for managing the highly complex world of one of the wealthiest and busiest
executives in America. She did so with extraordinary grace and skill. Marlene has demonstrated a
strong gift for managing people. She is gentle yet persuasive, structured but cooperative, and has
assisted groups and individuals often unfamiliar with each other to mesh well and achieve benefit from
their association. In this connection and because of my very enthusiastic assessment of her skills and
my personal knowledge of her work over the years, I recommend her without hesitation."
William E. Strickland, Jr.
President & CEO, Manchester Bidwell Corporation

"I have seen Marlene handle many very complex situations with great integrity and skill. She is
extremely competent at what she does, and orchestrates people, schedules and the unexpected with
an expertise I absolutely trust. I am especially impressed with Marlene's ability to continue to develop
herself and her skills so that she can provide the highest level of service to her clients. This focus
innovation and development inspires trust, collaboration, and admiration from her colleagues and
clients. I give her my highest recommendation."
Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D.
Evolve Consulting

"I have done several events with Marlene McCaslin and her company and have been amazed by
their ability to anticipate the client’s needs and concerns as well as my own. Their attention to detail,
professionalism creativity and passion for the task at hand is at the highest level I have seen in my
thirteen years in the business. I highly recommend Marlene & her team at My Executive Personal
Assistant for any event planning that requires patience, discipline and creativity."
Celebrity Chef Robert Fair
As seen on the Bachelorette Season 4

"Marlene has contributed a lot of value to me over the years. She was available night and day and
was always ready to leap in to solve a problem. I highly recommend Marlene for any position she is
qualified for, and I can only wish her the best in whatever professional endeavors she works on in the
Jeff Skoll
Founder and Chairman,
Capricorn Management, Goodlands Management
Participant Productions/Media
The Skoll Foundation